The application looks like the previous version, what changes were made?

Modified on Thu, 01 Feb 2024 at 10:16 AM

The updated application (set to launch on or after February 2nd, 2024) experience should feel very similar to the previous application but with a few important updates:


Seamless Integration between course directory, application, and training provider portal

Prior to our updates over the last few months, most of the back-end work to maintain our approved course list and course data pulled for our application was done manually. This means that there was lag time built in that increased application approval time for some businesses and slowed down timely approval of training providers’ courses.

Figure 1: How our directory and application were updated prior to November 2023

Beginning on or after February 2, 2024, all systems will be seamlessly integrated. This means the minute our program team approves a course for funding, it will automatically be added to our approved list of courses on our website AND on our application. That also means the course must be listed as approved on our Express Course Directory to be applied for. If you are applying for a course and cannot locate the C-record number, it is not eligible for funding until approved. 


Figure 2: How our updated system will interact with our application and Express Course Directory

Entering Course Information

The biggest change to our application is how course information is entered for the courses you want to take. For each course:


  1. You will first enter the training provider name that is offering the course (the provider name as listed on our Express Course Directory). This should be the training provider name that will be listed on the invoice you will receive from them upon completion of approved training. We do have instances of providers contracting with other providers on our system, so please make sure you are using the right training provider name. 


  1. Once the training provider name is entered, you will enter the C-record number* associated with the course you wish to apply for. 


*Not sure what the C-record number for your course is, or do you only have a seven-digit number on hand that the provider sent you? You can search by TrainingPro ID on our Express Course Directory here (to learn more about how to search for C-record number in our directory, click here). For example, if you were attempting to apply for a course with a TrainingPro ID of 1145058, you would search for that course ID on our directory. The C-record number for this course is C-6257, as shown below:




Update to the contact information we collect:

You will now be prompted to enter up to four different contacts at your organization. This is to ensure our team can communicate with the right people for the different parts of our grant processes (for example, an authorized signatory and a point of contact for day-to-day grant communication if they are different people at the company.) Below is a brief overview of what each contact types mean:

  • Primary Contact: This person will be the initial point of contact for the Express Program to communicate with regarding the Express grant. This person serves as a coordinator for the employer and is often the person completing the grant application. 
  • Finance Contact: This person will be the point of contact for reimbursement request-related inquiries.
  • Alternative Contact (Optional): This optional person will be contacted if we're unable to get in touch with the primary contact. Additionally, upon request, the person can be cc'ed in all correspondence related to the application and grant service agreement. They can also receive a copy of the completed DocuSign package containing the service agreement and reimbursement form. 
  • Authorized Signatory: This person will receive the grant service agreement and should be authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the company. This person is often in upper management and authorized to sign contracts.


NOTE: You can use the same contact for multiple contact types if you don't have different folks for all four contact types.

Now Required: Form W-9

The updated Express Program application will now require applicants to submit a signed, up-to-date copy of Form W-9. W-9s should list the full legal name of the business, include the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and be signed by an authorized signatory.

As a state-funded program, the W-9 is required for our team to verify we are awarding grant funding to the correct legal entity. Our finance team also utilizes the W-9 to confirm that the business name and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) lines up correctly with the company information that Commonwealth Corporation has on file.

You may use the same Form W-9 on multiple applications, provided all information on the form is still up-to-date.




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